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Thai Yoga Massage with Cynthia Land, LMT

WA Lic: MA 00020013

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic, meditative, and interactive style of bodywork. Sometimes referred to as 'assisted yoga', Thai Yoga Massage incorporates elements of yoga, stretching, breathing, acupressure, and rhythmic compression along energy lines. It is deeply relaxing and grounding, yet also energizing and balancing.

The bodywork I  practice is done on a comfortable heated futon without the need for oils and lotions. Because I integrate movement and stretching into my sessions, please wear or bring loose, comfortable clothing such as a cotton shirt and shorts, or a sweatshirt with sweatpants.


Benefits of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

        • Reduced pain from acute or chronic injuries
        • Improved circulation
        • Increased range of motion
        • Faster recovery time from exercise-related soreness
        • Decreased stress and anxiety
        • Increased energy
        • Increased motivation to practice self-care

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