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Meet Our Teachers

This is a photo of Sarah Hamilton doing a yoga pose seated with her legs crossed at the knees and her feet by the side of her hips. She is wearing dark blue pants and a black zip of jacket. Her short shoulder length hair is brown. There are green bushes and leaves behind her and she is sitting on a dark colored rock.

Sarah Hamilton

RYT 200

Expansions Co-Owner / Co-Director

When Sarah graduated from college and moved to Seattle, she happened to take a class at Edmonds Community College. The class was focused on learning individual poses rather than flowing through the poses – a great introduction.  She left the class feeling energized and full of life. However, it was not until a few years and a couple of life changes later that Sarah began a regular practice. She chose teaching as a way to spread the benefits and her love of this ancient practice to others who may not think yoga is for them. Sarah now focuses on the breath and on fitting poses to the individual not the individual to the pose. She practices and teaches with the belief that yoga is important but not serious!

Head shot of Cynthia Land wearing classes in the stdio. She has dark brown hair that is shoulder length and is wearing a black shirt.

Cynthia Land

Licensed Massage Therapist


Expansions Founder

Co-Owner / Co-Director

Cynthia holds a teaching certificate from The Prana Yoga College (2002).  She has completed advanced teacher trainings with Rodney Yee (2002) and Rod Stryker (2010), but currently calls Tias Little her teacher. Additionally, Cynthia is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a focus on Thai Yoga Massage.

Cynthia encourages students to use breath to gracefully stretch and tune in to their bodies.  She emphasizes use of core strength and alignment, helping students get an amazing workout without realizing it.  Along with mindful pose-work, she uses a light-hearted sense of humor for overall stress relieving classes. Along with teaching at Expansions, she can also be found teaching yoga at Olympic College.

About Expansions Yoga

Expansions Yoga is for those seeking a deeper sense of self, a more complete connection with their bodies and a non-judgemental space to experience the aging process.

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

Our classes use the ancient wisdom of yoga to inform how we breathe and move and the modern understanding of anatomy and physiology to make certain our movements are safe.  Our teachers have hours of book time and years of on the mat training in the art and science of yoga that guides our teaching.  You can rest assured that when you attend a class at Expansions, we are observing your movements and will make appropriate corrections based on your level of comfort. 


Please let us know your needs and how you'd like us to help you grow in your practice. 

this is a photo of the studio room at the original location for Expansions yoga. The floor is a shiny dark hard wood. the walls are white and the cielding is yellow. there are 4 windows and a door and they have some curtains on them. On the main wall in the photo hangs a colorful narrow tapestry.
A woman in the forground of this photo  is facing away from the camera, wearing colorful leggings and a redish shirt has her right arm behind her back bent at the elbow holding her left arm that is extended down by her side. In the back gound there is another student in class working with the instructor on the same stretch. the instructor is helping the student with the arm and hand placement.
Various signing Bowls of different sizes bask in the light from the window.
"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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