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About Cynthia Land

Licensed Massage Therapist


Expansions Founder

Cynthia fell in love with Thai massage during a yoga retreat with Ram Dass  in 2002.  Shortly after becoming certified to teach yoga in 2002 she went on to become a massage therapist in 2004 through Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics. (Tacoma, WA) The goal was always to become a Thai massage specialist. She went on to study with Eric Spivack of Soaring Crane Massage in Seattle and completed his (then) five level certification program.  She has since gone on to attend continuing education with Eric and assisted with his level one and advanced level courses.

In 2023, Cynthia became a certified Stretch Coach and now has specialized training in therapeutic facilitated stretching. 


Cynthia is active in the local massage therapist community and teaches physiology and anatomy refresher classes to area massage therapists.


Cynthia holds a yoga teaching certificate from The Prana Yoga College (2002).  She has completed advanced teacher trainings with Rodney Yee (2002) and Rod Stryker (2010), but currently calls Tias Little her teacher and has done many trainings with him. 


Along with her massage practice, she can also be found teaching yoga at Olympic College.

Headshot Cynthia land. she is smiling wearing a green sweater and glasses

Where Expansions Started

Expansions Massage started as Expansions Yoga, a studio in Silverdale offering a wide range of classes to all level partitioners of yoga. 

Expansions Yoga offered class for those seeking a deeper sense of self, a more complete connection with their bodies and a non-judgmental space to experience the aging process.

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

Our classes use the ancient wisdom of yoga to inform how we breathe and move and the modern understanding of anatomy and physiology to make certain our movements are safe.  Our teachers have hours of book time and years of on the mat training in the art and science of yoga that guides our teaching.  You can rest assured that when you attend a class at Expansions, we are observing your movements and will make appropriate corrections based on your level of comfort. 


While we no longer offer studio classes, we can be available for corporate/on site classes or retreats as well as private sessions.  Please let us know your needs and how you'd like us to help you grow in your practice.  Prices available upon requests.

this is a photo of the studio room at the original location for Expansions yoga. The floor is a shiny dark hard wood. the walls are white and the cielding is yellow. there are 4 windows and a door and they have some curtains on them. On the main wall in the photo hangs a colorful narrow tapestry.
Various signing Bowls of different sizes bask in the light from the window.
"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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