Dosha Workshop

We are all born with a certain Dosha, or human constitution but often know little about how it impacts our body, mind and consciousness from hour to hour, season to season and through the span of our lives. In this workshop we’ll spend 2 hours discovering our Dosha and how we can best use this knowledge to bring more balance to our lives in our Asana  practice and daily routines.

Teacher: Jolene Culbertson, ARNP, RYT-500

When: Saturday, May 8, 1:00p - 3:00p

Where: Streaming on Zoom

Cost: $25 if paid by 5/4, otherwise $30

 Upcoming Fall Workshop:
     Learn the Chakras

In this yoga intensive the student will learn about the energetic chakra system. Our life force flows through subtle channels in our body, the largest of these channels are known as chakras. A person is more whole when their chakras are open and balanced.

Students will learn how to work with yoga poses, breath and meditation to keep  energy / life force flowing smoothly. The course takes place on two consecutive Saturday afternoons and will be relaxing, fun and informative. Jolene Culbertson, ARNP, RYT-500 will be your guide.

WhenTentative Dates - Oct 5t & 9th

Where: In-Studio at Expansions Yoga

Cost: $90 if paid by 4/24, otherwise $100 (includes handouts)

Note: Class is limited to 4 participants