Here is a brief description of the classes we offer at Expansions.  One of these classes should be a fit for your level whether absolute beginner or experienced veteran.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  We looked forward to seeing you on the mat.

New to yoga?  Here's what to expect;


  • People moving slowly and focusing on their breath.  

  • A quiet space with low voices. 

  • The occasional sound of Om. 

  • A knowledgeable teacher who focuses on your needs and makes hands-on adjustments only if you're comfortable with them.  

All Levels


As the name implies, we are serving a mixed level of students in this class. If you've completed six or more months of beginner classes then you will likely feel comfortable with most of the poses in this class.  


Yoga Tune Up ® Self Care

Learn simple effective exercises and ball rolling techniques to improve your body.  Each class will employ ball rolling to help restore balance to your body and connect this with asana, working to reduce tension and helping restore the body to balanced alignment and to better function.

Yin Yoga/Yin and Yak

Balancing the more active Yang practice, Yin is a quiet practice that work deeply into our bodies. Variations of supine and seated poses focus on the connective tissues with longer holds (2 – 10 minutes) while allowing ourselves to slow down and listen to the body. This floor practice can be modified and made accessible for all levels of practice.  The Yin and Yak class developed from our students desire to get to know their fellow yogis.  Sometimes quiet other times not; always an opportunity to create connections with yourself and others.





Welcome to the practice!  Whether this is your first class or you want to renew your experience with yoga, this class is appropriate.  Class will include detailed explanations of (asanas) poses as well as their modifications and variations.  Students will learn how to link postures together into smooth flows or "vinyasas."


This class includes static stretches combined with slow movements and breathing to create and enhance overall body awareness.  Students will learn how to quiet the body and mind with guided relaxation.  Caution: students may reach a heightened level of inner stillness.


Yoga for 50+

Gentle stretching exercises for vitality, strength, balance and flexibility, this class is ideally suited for the over 50 population wanting to start a yoga practice.  Your teacher's gentle and specific instruction will guide you toward a notable increase in well-being.

Intermediate & Advanced


These classes are well suited for students who have at least six months of yoga knowledge under their belt and have a stable foundation of physical fitness.  Students will focus on building internal heat and moving deeper into postures.  Some classes may include Sun Salutations, inversions, arm balances and binding.  Pranayama/breathing exercises will also be examined.


Heated Vinyasa

In this class, we'll play with our yoga in a seamless flow of breath and movement.  This is a great way to kick off your week with a super boost of energy! The Heated Vinyasa classes are done at 90 degrees to preheat the muscles and encourage release of toxins.

Yoga for Well Being

This gentle yoga class includes yoga poses that may be done on the mat, a chair, or a mat using a chair for support.  Also includes yoga breathing practices and short guided meditations.  All techniques are useful for balancing the physical, mental and emotional body.  All are welcome.  Taught by  Jolene Culbertson, ARNP, RYT-500, with 40 years experience in the medical field.

Gentle Flow for Relaxation


Explore a mixture of movement and breath work to help promote relaxation. Postures may include yin, restorative, and others to ease into a relaxed state. A yoga nidra guided meditation will be incorporated into the class. It is helpful to have props such as a bolster or a firm pillow, blankets and a strap and be in a quiet space in your home.



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