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Here is a brief description of the classes we offer at Expansions.  One of these classes should be a fit for your level whether absolute beginner or experienced veteran.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  We looked forward to seeing you on the mat.

All Levels


As the name implies, we are serving a mixed level of students in this class. Whether this is your 1st class or your 1,000th class, you are welcome to join. Classes are tailored to suit any level of experience to meet you where you are!

Chair Yoga

Join others in a fun and educational class using a chair for support. Perfect for anyone challenged by balance, flexibility, difficulty getting on and off the floor, weight issues and/or medical conditions causing limitations of movement, weakness or tremors. Jolene Culbertson is an ARNP, RYT 500 with 40 plus years of yoga and medical experience.


This class includes static stretches combined with slow movements and breathing to create and enhance overall body awareness.  Students will learn how to quiet the body and mind with guided relaxation.  Caution: students may reach a heightened level of inner stillness.

Intermediate & Advanced

These classes are well suited for students who have at least six months of yoga knowledge under their belt and have a stable foundation of physical fitness.  Students will focus on building internal heat and moving deeper into postures.  Some classes may include Sun Salutations, inversions, arm balances and binding.  Pranayama/breathing exercises will also be examined. 

New to yoga?  Here's what to expect:


  • People moving slowly and focusing on their breath.  

  • A quiet space with low voices. 

  • The occasional sound of Om. 

  • A knowledgeable teacher who focuses on your needs and makes hands-on adjustments only if you're comfortable with them.  

Military Veteran Class
This is a FREE Yoga Class for US military veterans taught by a Navy Veteran. Class is suitable for all ages and levels. Class focuses on poses (asanas) that will help the veteran increase strength, flexibility and balance. As we age, we tend to lose those important functions without care to keep them. If you don’t use it, you lose it. This class will focus on the importance of breath with movement and will move through multiple poses with modifications and variations offered throughout the 1 hour class. Special
emphasis will be on listening to your body to avoid injury and to improve your well being. Props such as blocks, straps and chairs may be used. Please contact instructor for waiver and instructions before joining the class online or attending the class in person.

Restorative Yoga at Home
This class is a mix of gentle movement and holds designed to refresh yogis after a long day. Class winds down with a short yoga nidra or yogic sleep practice to fully release tension in the body and mind.  The class is accessible to all bodies and focuses on protecting the lower back. A bolster or a cushion, a stap, a block and blankets are helpful props to have for the class and it is easy to improvise these props with household items.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation practice, so you can’t do it wrong! This practice can be very relaxing! Yoga Nidra can help with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Each class begins with pranayama (breath work), gentle movement and setting an intention that will be used during the Yoga Nidra practice. One yoga nidra session can be as restful as 3 hours of sleep and rewire old thinking patterns!

Yoga for 50+

Gentle stretching exercises for vitality, strength, balance and flexibility, this class is ideally suited for the over 50 population wanting to start a yoga practice.  Your teacher's gentle and specific instruction will guide you toward a notable increase in well-being. Currently on Hiatus

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