Guest Blog: "FOMO or just taking the road less traveled."

Many of you who come to Expansions have heard a teacher make reference to something called the 8 limbs of yoga. They are written in Sanskrit on our walls. Many of you have come expressly to practice one of those limbs, asana (limb 3, the physical postures of yoga). Perhaps you have an interest in dhyana (meditation, limb 7) or pranayama (breathing exercises, limb 4) but you haven’t asked for these things specifically, they are an interesting by-product of a class. If your teacher is steeped in the 8 limbs, it is our hope that you will be as fascinated by the rest of the limbs as you are with asana. Pratyahara, limb 5, invites us to turn our awareness inward. Take your eyes off the iPho

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