lisa BEE BLOG: Bringing it Back to the Mat February 2016 “Happy National Emotional Extortion Day:

I wake up and fuzzily orient myself. It is Tuesday. Yes, this is my day off. But, I immediately feel a heaviness in my stomach which will build throughout the day into a full fledged dread. A sense of dislike so intense as to more rightly be labeled “hatred.” It takes a few introspective moments to pinpoint the cause: my scheduled participation in the Group Track workout at 4:30p.m. Going to this dreaded workout is a New Year’s Resolution “pact” I made with my older son. I will go to this Interval Track Workout once a week. In exchange, he will remove his "automatic deflection shield" once a week so that he can consider, with an open and non defiant mind, one piece of my maternal advice. Thi

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